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What is Home Monitoring?

Home Monitoring gives you complete control over your home. You’ll be able to monitor your premises with sensors and cameras both inside and outside the home. Sensors can alert you about changes in temperature, water leaks, and movement and motions in your home.

This allows you to keep track of what’s happening 24/7, giving you peace of mind wherever you are in the world.

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Video Intercom

Video Intercom
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Security cameras

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Side Door Unlocked

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Front Door Locked

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Back Door Unlocked

Click the buttons on the virtual device to experience how Home Monitoring works.

Home Monitoring products

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Monitor your home 24/7 through indoor or outdoor cameras. View video feeds on your mobile devices.

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Sensors can notify you about changes in your home, Whether it’s suspicious movement after midnight, a Water leakage in the bathroom, or smoke detected in The Kitchen.

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Video Intercom

Provides high definition video and high quality audio connection with an outdoor unit to keep you connected with visitors at your front door. Using touch screens inside your home, you can unlock the front gate or door with one tap.

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Customised Solution

Your bespoke Smart Home experience, made to order.

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Bundle Solution

Smart Home living, straight out of the box – different set options, DIY installation.

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Plug & Play

Smart Home products solution, you can use straight away.

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