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We offer three Smart Home packages: a bespoke, Made-to-order, Custom Solution, a ready-to-go Bundle Solution and a Plug & Play Smart Home products solution, you can use straight away.

What is Customised Solution?

This is Smart Home living at its fullest, where the possibilities are endless. Get Home Automation, Home Networking and Home Monitoring - all built to work best for you and your home.

Since our Customised Solution is made to order, we laid out the process of creating it:

  • du Smart Home Product

    Step 1: Visit our showroom
    Talk to one of our Design Consultants about our Customised Solutions.

  • du Smart Home Product

    Step 2: Set an appointment
    We'll arrange a convenient time to carry out a Site Survey at your home.

  • du Smart Home Product

    Step 3: Site Survey
    We assess your requirements and collect relevant technical info for the project.

  • du Smart Home Product

    Step 4: Proposal
    We create a customised solution based on your requirements.

  • du Smart Home Product

    Step 5: Order
    If you're happy with the proposal, place the order for your Smart Home project!

  • du Smart Home Product

    Step 6: Delivery & Installation
    We build and install your Smart Home products.

  • du Smart Home Product

    Step 7: Completion
    Your custom du Smart Home experience is ready for your use.

Step 1 - Visit

Visit any of our showrooms and talk to Design Consultant about our Customised Solutions.

Step 2 - Appointment

We’ll arrange a Site Survey to have a look at your home on a day that works for you.

Step 3 - Site Survey

We’ll go through your needs and collect relevant technical info. This will take two hours or so.

Step 4 - Proposal

We’ll create a customised Smart Home proposal once we’ve completed the site survey and reviewed your requirements. This usually takes around 72 hours, depending on the complexity of the project.

Step 5 - Order

If you’re happy with the proposal, place the order for your customised Smart Home project. We can also change any aspect of the proposal.

Step 6 - Delivery and Installation

The work begins! This usually takes between two to six weeks.

Step 7 - Completion

Enjoy your new Smart Home!

Custom Smart Home projects can take as little as 36 days to complete. Since customised projects are unique, timeframes for delivery can vary.

Smart Home Customer Checklist

Here’s a checklist of requirements for you to make sure everything is compatible at your end before we get started. Click here to view

Any changes?

If you want to make changes to the proposal, our Solution Designer will make the appropriate changes and sent it back to you for approval.

Customised Solution feature List

Devices Home Networking Home Automation Home Monitoring
Access Point
Home Controller
Light Switch
Switch Dimmer
AC Thermostat
Curtain Controller
Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
Motion Sensor
Occupancy Sensor
Flood Sensor
Contact Sensor
Smoke Sensor

Smarthome Customer Checklist

At du we want you to experience the benefits of Smart living as smoothy as possible. To help with this, you can expect us to take care of certain aspects of the project. We’ve created a checklist of requirements for you to make sure everything is compatible at your end before we get started.

Requirements Customer du
  • NOC
    • You will need a No Objection Certificate from the landlord or building management.

check icon
  • Floor Plans
    • You must provide a floor plan of your apartment/villa, if available.

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  • Lighting Plans
    • We’ll need you to provide a lighting plan for your apartment, if available.

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  • Load Schedule
    • We’ll also need you to provide a load schedule, if available.

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  • Site Access
    • You’ll need to arrange any necessary approval for us to access your premises.

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check icon
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  • Installation
    • All equipment purchased will be installed by qualified du installers.

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  • Configuration
    • A du Smart Home Expert will configure all of your equipment.

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  • Cabling
    • A du Installer will take care of your cabling.

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check icon
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  • Civil works
    • Our du Installers will also carry out any civil works related to the installation of Smart Home equipment.

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  • Testing
    • One of our du Smart Home experts will be responsible for testing your equipment.

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  • Handover
    • We’ll install the Smart Home application on your preferred device. You’ll be trained how to use the app. We’ll also hand over all documents, including the warranty, user guides and log-in information.

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If you have any questions about this Checklist, or want to clarify something
specific, one of our Smart Home Advisers will be happy to help you – please
get in touch with us.

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