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A day in the life of a smart home owner

What is life really like when you live in a smart home? Well, we’ve created our ideal house, with all the gadgets and gizmos available and we’re letting our imaginations run wild.

So, here you have it! A day in the life of a smart home user.


Our smart home user awakens to slowly brightening lights and the ringing of an alarm clock. She really doesn’t like the glare from the morning sun so has set pre-set her lights to turn on at 6:30am with a soft ambient hue. Such a peaceful way to start the day.

This is the middle of summer and the temperature outside is already 35°, but inside this home it’s a cool 24°, just the perfect temperature for the morning.

She is finally fully awake at around 6:45, and just at that moment the curtains automatically open, letting in the sun. The sound of the sprinklers outside starts, perfectly timed to keep the grass hydrated before the day really heats up.

Now according to her schedule, she has to be at work by 9am but on this particular day, she feels like she’s forgetting something. Luckily, she has her fridge to remind her!  Her smart fridge reminds her of her schedule every day while she makes her morning coffee. Oh yes, of course, there is that 3pm doctor’s appointment!

Finally, it’s time to head out of the door and get in the car. Has she left the lights on though? She checks her phone and… yes! The bathroom light is on. She’ll just turn it off using her smart phone. There’s no room for wasting energy in this house!


Today really is very hot and the office is like an oven. Our smart home user decides to turn the air-conditioning on 30 mins before she gets home tonight. And, whilst she has her mobile phone out, she checks the internal cameras to make sure there are no problems. Yup, everything looks safe and secure.

It’s 5pm and her phone rings, it’s the doorbell! The delivery man has arrived to drop off the weekly groceries. She speaks to him through the webcam and asks him to leave the delivery at the back of the garage, nice and cool to protect it from the sun.


Finally home from work, she collects the delivery from the garage. It’s so hot outside! She unlocks the door and is greeted with a cool blast of air, the house has reached the ideal temperature, the lighting turns on as she enters, set to a bright evening tone. Got to stay awake to cook up all those lovely fresh ingredients. She asks her voice automated system to turn on her cooking music playlist and to search for that recipe for the perfect roast chicken she loves.

The chicken is cooked and she sits in front of the TV, the curtains close and she can spend the evening relaxing!


Bedtime! She sets the house to night mode, the lighting is off downstairs, curtains shut and security cameras are on. But in bed she can’t remember if the door is locked. All she needs to do is check on the lock sensors on her smart phone. Yes, the doors are all securely shut.

The lights slowly dim and she drifts of to sleep, happy in the knowledge that even though there is only enough milk for a cup of coffee tomorrow the fridge will notice and order some more for the next day.

Sigh, what a stressful day…

Good night!

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