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A guide to making your home safer with smart technology

No matter where you live the safety of your family will probably be of paramount importance. Of course a big worry can be someone breaking into your house when you are fast asleep in bed, or off vacationing on your dream trip. But, there are also a number of other safety concerns to consider, such as a fire, or even an unwanted visitor ringing your doorbell. If you spend your life thinking and worrying about what might happen, it will eventually drive you crazy.

Enter the smart home!

If you install the following smart home systems you will be able to sleep safe in the knowledge that your home and family are taken care of.

The world of security systems has gone beyond the simple burglar alarm, with du smart home products you can now kit out your house with a range of systems that will monitor your home day and night.

Installing smart locks means you will never have to worry about accidentally leaving your front door open again. Using a smart phone you will be able to unlock and lock doors at the touch of a button, providing complete peace of mind. Working in tandem with the smart locks are the video intercom systems. When someone rings the doorbell, you will instantly be able to view who is at your door using your phone or computer; ideal for people with young children or someone who lives alone. In addition to this, you can install indoor and outdoor cameras to watch your house 24/7, all viewable on your smart devices, keeping you alert to potential intruders and also the safety of your children. With security systems it is easy to keep an eye on your house and family, making sure everyone is safe and giving you the ultimate peace of mind.


Flood sensors, in the desert? Who could possibly need that? Well the simple answer is, everyone. Flood sensors aren’t only designed to warn you of the rising tides, they are there if there are any water leaks in your house. So, when you are off on your holiday and the water geyser decides this is the perfect time to break, you will be instantly alerted, and able to take action, instead of coming home to a destroyed home.

Sensors are a simple yet effective way to monitor your house. Smoke sensors will provide early warning for fires, and motion sensors will alert you if there is any movement in your house after a specific time. Everything is controlled through smart devices and can be customised to your specific preferences.

Home automation

Home automation works as an excellent deterrent for would be intruders, especially when you are on vacation. From the other side of the world you can use your smart phone to control your curtains and lights, effectively giving the appearance of an inhabited house. You can programme your lights to switch on as the sun starts to set, and curtains to close at night time, these simple tricks paired with cameras mean that when you leave your house for a prolonged period of time you won’t have to worry about anything. Just lock your doors and relax. du’s smart home technology can provide you with complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your house and family. You won’t believe the difference it will make to your life, going on holiday with no worries, having a babysitter taking care of your children or even just being in the house alone, home automation means your home truly is your castle.

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