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A guide to the gadgets and gizmos that can make your home smart

Once your new home has been fully networked, you then need to buy the products to fully enjoy living in a smart home. But this can be a little daunting, as of course, you want to buy everything to take full advantage. However, the budget, or the lack thereof, may be another story. So, when considering which products to purchase, you will want to think about the following 3 categories: safety devices, networked devices and appliances.

These products can be controlled through a number of different mediums including, mobile phones, computers and tablets. The trick is to find the solutions that suit you the best, so it helps to do a little research before buying.

The products to keep your family safe

Video intercoms

With video intercoms, you can see who is at your front door, talk to them directly to either send them away or invite them in. Plus, you can unlock or lock doors and gates, giving yourself complete peace of mind when it comes to your family’s safety.


Flooding, fires and burglars can be a constant worry for homeowners and renters; you hear a strange noise in the evening or smell a whiff of smoke and immediately you think the worst. Home sensors can eliminate these concerns, providing you with up to date information, so you can prevent accidents or take immediate action.

Security cameras

Install indoor or outdoor security cameras to keep a watchful eye over your home. These can be controlled from a central hub, ideal if you have young children or older vulnerable family members, or even if you simply want to make sure your house and family are all safe.

Network your house


With products such as Nanoleaf and Philips Hue you will have complete control over the brightness, lighting schedule and even the colour of the lighting. Create a completely bespoke design for your house to match your mood.

Smart hub

Once your smart home is networked you need a device with which to control it. There are many mobile and tablet applications, or you can install panels directly into your walls. From these smart hubs you will have complete control over your smart applications, allowing you to change the temperature, adjust the lighting scheme and open or draw the curtains.

Climate control

Climate control is an excellent energy saving home application. You can program it so that the temperature is kept to your preferred settings; and it is even possible to control the climate remotely, so the temperature will be ideal by the time you arrive home. Ah, perfect.


Never again will you have to walk over to the window to draw the curtains. Now you can open them with the press of a button. Program them to open at specific times, to keep your home cooler during the hotter times of the day or just press open from the comfort of your bed.

Appliances to make your life more convenient

Robot vacuum

These wireless vacuum cleaners have a life of their own. You can control when you want them to clean and where. The robot maps out your house, cleans and even parks itself to recharge. The only job you have to do is emptying out the bag, but surely even that will become automated one day!


With smart TVs and Wi-Fi sound systems, gone are the days of lost remotes and ‘nothing to watch’. You can record, schedule and specify exactly what you want to watch and listen to, when it is the most convenient for you.

Voice controlled systems

Install a voice controlled system and you will finally be able to talk to your house. Simply speak the voice command and then ask it anything. From the weather, metro times, traffic jams to even ordering food and playing music. Never feel lonely in your house again.

Wi-Fi controlled cooking appliances

When you are busy the last thing you want to do is watch food cooking, or keeping one eye on the pot to make sure you don’t overcook it or forget about it altogether. Enter the world of Wi-Fi and programmable cooking appliances. Simply set the time and temperature and keep track of it from your phone.


When it comes to the world of home automation, the possibilities are endless and they can only keep developing and improving. There are countless products out there that can solve simple problems and just make your life easier, leaving you more time to spend with your family or just enjoy being at home.

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