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Famous smart homes owned by your favourite characters

Movies and TV shows are filled with futuristic homes, once a far-fetched idea they are quickly becoming a genuine option. Whilst we may be a little far off having a sentient butler service who can meticulously organise every aspect of our daily lives, and have a good joke at the same time, we are still getting closer and closer to the sci-fi home ideal.

Here are our top 5 smart homes of the future owned by some of the coolest and most futuristic fictional characters.

1.The Jetsons

The home of the Jetsons has to be the ultimate home of the future. Complete with flying cars, automatic food machines and a robot maid, it is everything you could possibly want from a sci-fi house fantasy.

Pros: The Jetsons are the family of the future, ultimate convenience at the touch of a button or a command to the sassy home-helper robot. Sliding doors and travelator help you move smoothly around the house and automatic food machines make dinner parties a breeze.

Cons: It is always a risk when the cheeky robot develops artificial intelligence and havoc ensues, but at least she has the best intentions. Plus, who doesn’t want a robot!


2. Iron Man

Tony Stark is a genius who personally built his futuristic mansion. Jarvis being the most advanced A.I computer, organizes his life, controls the lesser robots in the house and helps Tony out with his dating woes.

Pros: Tony Stark has created his own best friend, a sentient being who is there to take care of his every need and dole out advice when he gets a little out of control.

Cons: Unfortunately, Jarvis is still a computer and therefore needs constant power. And more importantly, most friends don’t tend to literally stop existing during a black out.


3.Her (2013)

The movie Her shows possibly the most accurate house of the future. Simple smart home technology designed to make your life easier, crazily interactive computer games and yet again an A.I best friend to keep you company.

Pros: This just looks like a fun house to own, a stress free abode where you don’t have to worry about filling your fridge or checking who is at the door. There is a completely customised smart entertainment system, which would make you the envy of all your friends.

Cons: We have to admit the house in this movie doesn’t seem to have too many cons, just a cautionary warning that you shouldn’t rely too much on your synthetic buddies, and maybe find some real people to hang out with once in a while.


4.The Stepford Wives (2004)

This really is the creepier version of the future home. Everything is controlled by one simple remote control, from the curtains, the entertainment system to the dog…oh and of course the wives. A dystopian vision of the future where technology can be used to take control of pretty much everything, but let’s face it, the house is still just amazing.

Pros: Everything! The house is remarkable, completely automated, no hassle, no stress and no cleaning. If you are looking to build your smart home we think this could provide some great inspiration.

Cons: Well, I suppose the remote controlled people are slightly disturbing, but nothing can be perfect!


5.Black Mirror – White Christmas (2014)

Black Mirror shows both the good and the bad sides of a technologically driven future, and in no episode are these two angles more obvious than the episode White Christmas. A version of you is extracted and implanted into a smart hub device, then made to spend the rest of your life controlling every aspect of the home. From setting the alarm, making the perfect cup of coffee to organising your calendar.

Pros: You have someone who knows your exact wants, needs and specifications creating the perfect living environment in tandem with existing smart home technology. Life just couldn’t be better.

Cons: You have basically sentenced a miniature A.I version of yourself to a life of slavery. A bit of a moral dilemma, but the smart technology is just fascinating.

So, if you are looking for a little inspiration for how du smart home technology can make your life better, we recommend checking out these movies and TV shows.


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