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How a smart office can save your business money

When you own a business, it is vital to keep track of every penny, and one of the biggest drains on your bank account can be the running of your office. You have no choice but to leave lights turned on all day, and you have no control about whether or not your employees choose to sit in sub-zero air conditioning. Even more frustrating is that you have limited resources to monitor the energy output and calculate accurate monthly costs.

A smart office may sound like something reserved for MI5 or seriously high-tech CEOs. However, they really are a smart choice especially if you are looking to get your business off the ground and headed in the right direction. They can save you huge amounts of money, and allow you to focus on the important aspects of your business.

So how can a smart office really save you money? Well we have 3 separate ways where you will be able to see a difference.


Especially in the UAE heating and air-conditioning are the absolute bane of most employers and employees. With a daily battle about what is the ideal temperature and how long the air-condition should be left on for?

With automated heating systems, you can simply dictate the ideal room temperature and the smart system will adjust accordingly. Of course the ideal temperature is widely disputed with some people preferring artic cold and others blistering heat, however, a recent study by the BBC discovered that a cool 25°C is the perfect and most work conducive temperature.

So instead of having your employees constantly running up and down, wasting hours of your money switching between freezing and scorching, simply install a smart system to regulate the temperature and save your expenses!


Lighting is underrated and overused in offices, with every possible light being left on, slowly eating through your finances. There are two lighting office solutions that can save your business money.

Firstly, it is worth investing in a light dimming system, this will keep track of the time of day and the amount of available light and dim or brighten the lighting accordingly. Meaning instead of having everything on the brightest setting you can have a pleasant lighting environment.

Secondly, in certain areas look at installing sensors, such as in toilets and smaller corridors. These are areas that do not need constant lighting. It is amazing how much money you can save by simply having certain areas only lit when they are in use. The installation of these devices is a small price to pay for years of savings.


Every office should install sensors for a variety of reasons, most importantly security. However, they are also an excellent way to save your business money. You can purchase sensors to detect both fire and flood, now fire is an obvious one, but why would your office on the 22nd floor experience a flood? There are many occasions where a bust water pipe has created thousands of Dirhams of damage, a flood sensor will give you an early warning and make sure you can save your valuable office equipment. Even when everything is closed-up over the weekend!

If you are looking to go super high-tech then you can also install sensors to monitor your office occupancy. This can tell you about the areas of your office being used at certain times of the day, meaning you can adjust your temperature and lighting settings accordingly. Allowing you to streamline your business expenses.

A smart office is ideal no matter what size or stage you are at. Large companies can go completely smart and utilise every aspect to not only save money but also look state-of-the-art. Whereas start-ups can use the technology to ensure they keep their costs to the minimum from the very beginning and also give potential customers a great first impression.

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