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How can du make your home smart?

The du smart home has arrived. It is now super simple for you to turn your house into the home of the future; fully automatable and fully customizable. Before you start ordering products and appliances it is important to know exactly which packages and products are best in order to create the perfect home for your specific needs.

du offers a selection of packages: made to order, bundle solutions and plug & play. But what do they mean and which option should you choose?

Here is a handy guide to help you out.

Customised Solution

 This is the bespoke package, fully customizable and designed with you and your family in mind. First, you will meet with a du design consultant to discuss all the options, and then we will arrange a site visit, specialists will analyse your needs and the technical aspects ultimately providing you with a complete proposal. We will guide you from concept to installation, a completely seamless process. Within two to six weeks you and your family will be the proud owners of a personalised smart home, designed for ease of use, and with the sole purpose of making your life easier.

The customised solution is designed to be easy to use, with no hassle or stress, leaving the heavy lifting to du. Trust their experts to create the ideal smart home experience for you.

Bundle Solution 

The bundle solution gives customers a smart home out of the box. You can choose the package that best suits your needs and budget, and you have to option to add additional items where necessary. If your primary concern is home monitoring then you can select those specific products, and likewise for automation and home automation.

If you are new to the world of smart homes, then go for the starter kit, or you can specify if you live in a small, medium or large apartment.; making home automation so simple.

For the installation there are easy to follow instructions available to download on to your smart devices. So chat with the experts at du to pick the bundle solution that works for you, install and enjoy! 

Plug & Play

If you have a specific need, or do not want the cost of a full set up. then check out du’s plug & play solutions. Browse through the catalogue, select the product that you need and simply plug it in and play! No installation, no consultation, just straightforward and easy. du has a range of products on offer including, motion sensor kits, Nano Leaf lighting, and door & window sensors. Helping you to create your home of the future your way.

Having a smart home means making your life easier, removing certain stresses and creating a safe environment. du wants to make sure that we can provide you the perfect solution, with packages to suit every person; we can sit with you to create the smart house that will work for you, or just simply pick and choose yourself. Providing complete flexibility and customization.

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