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How can your smart home save you money and help the environment?

It isn’t until that monthly ping on our email, or rattle of the letterbox that we realise our house is costing us money. Bills come in thick and fast, and no sooner have you paid one, another pops up. It may seem counter intuitive, but with a smart home it is the case of you can spend money to save money. There are of course monthly Internet connection fees, and the purchase and set up costs of the equipment, but done correctly you can turn your house into an economical, and environmentally friendly dwelling.

Does smart equal green?

The home of the future is here and it is far kinder to the planet than its predecessor. When used to its full potential a smart home can reduce your energy consumption, and in turn reduce your carbon footprint. The potential is limitless. You will never forget to turn the lights off again, automate the climate control to turn on at the optimum time for energy consumption, or close your curtains when the sun shines directly into the house.

If your budget is slightly more important right now, then we have good news for you. An energy friendly house is also a wallet friendly house. No more wastage from gadgets being left on or a leak going undetected whilst you are on holiday. A smart home is the sensible choice to save you money and also help the environment.

Climate control

There are two main ways climate control can save energy. Firstly, you can control everything from your smart phone. If you have left the house and forgotten to turn off the air conditioning, just flip the switch on your phone. No more high bills just because you were in a hurry heading out for vacation.

The second method is far more interesting, you can programme your thermostat to monitor the temperature in your house and react accordingly. If you have a door or window open, then the smart house will automatically adjust. If there are a large number of people in the house and the temperature rises then the air-conditioning will temporarily kick in. The smart home can start to learn your preferences, turning on when you are on you’re away home, and even maybe one day recognizing specific people and setting the perfect climate.

So how does this save you money? It would surprise you if you calculated just how much energy is wasted from air-conditioning units being left on. Once the room reaches the specified temperature it will automatically turn off, over time this will really add up and the savings will speak for themselves.


With automated lighting comes complete control and also energy efficiency. If you are planning on going down the smart home route you should check out the range of lighting products available, with energy efficient bulbs and cool colours, who knew environmental could look so good?

Using your smart phone you can control the lights in your house, if you are at the office and have a nagging feeling you left the bathroom light on, just check your phone and turn it off. Saving both energy and also money!


Curtains saving the planet may seem like a reach but they do make a huge difference to your houses energy consumption. Most people will leave their curtains open all day, the sun shining right through the windows, heating the house, meaning it will take longer to cool when you get home and turn on the air-conditioning.

It is possible with smart technology to programme your curtains to close and open during the hottest and coolest times of the day. Or, if it is the middle of winter open them to let the sun shine in, using a perfect blend of technology and nature to create the perfect temperature in your house, with minimal cost.

The smart house is always described as the home of the future; however, it can also help to protect the future. So much energy is wasted from lights being left on and air-conditioning running through the day. With some simple networking and a few gadgets this will become a thing of the past, helping the environment and saving you money.

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