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How smart lighting can revolutionise your home life.

We can sometimes underestimate just how important lighting can be in creating the perfect ambiance in our homes. It is not until you walk in somewhere with harsh overhead lamps or needlessly dim bulbs that we appreciate a home that is truly well lit.

If you are looking for a Smart Home du has a number of automated lighting options, designed to give you complete flexibility over the lighting in your home. Be it the timing when the lights turn on, the brightness or even the colour. The Philips Hue Starter Kit allows you to control your lighting from any location as long as you have your mobile phone. This system can be programmed to wake you up with the perfect brightness, and even sync with movies to create an immersive viewing experience. If you want interactive lighting, then this is the kit for you.

With the Nanoleaf Aurora system you will experience lighting like never before. Place the rectangular panels around the room, in the pattern of your choice, and create a colourful vision explosion. Easily programmed to match your mood, time of the day, music choice they are incredibly customisable and a novel way to decorate your apartment.

So apart from looking amazing what are the other benefits of installing smart lighting into your home? 

Choose the system that works for you.

With a Smart Home comes a degree of flexibility you will never have experienced before. With your new lighting system there are a number of different routes you can choose. For example, you need to make the incredibly important decision whether to control your lighting with remote access of voice activation.

With remote access you simply log onto a mobile app and manually adjust the lighting scheme. This can be done from anywhere as long as you have WiFi! However, if you are looking to be a little more futuristic then you can also check out voice activation. Install a central hub into your home and instruct your lights to adjust how you choose. Not only is this a seriously cool and interactive way to control the lights but it is also completely hands free. Meaning you can give instructions when you are in bed, cooking or even in the shower.

A completely new way to decorate your home.

While decorating a home, most of us will choose interesting pieces of art and furniture, spend hours planning and carefully placing each item. But, we barely spare a moment to consider how each piece looks at different times of the day. A beautiful painting can be highlighted by a perfectly placed lamp, however, the effect of this can change over the day. In the evening you will need a warmer tone, during the day maybe something brighter. You will be able to specifically program your lighting to change and adjust to suit your piece of art.

You can also add completely new dimensions to your home, transforming simple white walls into amazing light works of art. Spend some time looking at your space now and consider just how much more homely it could look with the perfect lighting scheme. When you take a package with du, our team will even be able to advise you on the best placement to take full advantage of your new system.

Making you home life your way.

One of the benefits to having a Smart Home is that you have complete autonomy over your home life. Especially with lighting, instead of being limited to the simple 60w bulb in a creamy white, you will be able to create your own mood lighting. If you are feeling sleepy, dim the room to a soft amber glow, if you need to wake up in the morning have the room brighten to a sunlight white, and if you are in the mood for a bit of a party have a multi-coloured extravaganza. Now you can decide how you want your home to look, see what mood suits you best!

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