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How to make your home smarter in one weekend?

When people think of smart home technology they always focus on improving the inside of their house. However, have you ever thought about the outside?

Smart technology is not bound by the four walls of your home, there are so many applications to make the outside just as smart as the inside. But why would someone want to use smart technology outside? And is this just over engineering an area that should be natural and free of technology?

Enhancing the great outdoors

Let’s face it, even though we would love it there are only a few among us who are truly have a green finger. You may have the best intentions to water the plants every day, mow the lawn and spend every evening enjoying your lovely garden. However, your busy life always seems to get in the way. Smart technology is the perfect way for you to incorporate gardening into your busy schedule.

Smart sensors can be connected to your phone, to inform you about soil PH levels or if your plants are thirsty. Just like the smart vacuum revolutionised interior cleaning, there are also smart lawn mowers, that can be easily programmed to run around your garden leaving you with Wimbledon style grass. Both these tools can make you look and sound like the pro-gardener you have longed to be.

If you are incredibly busy, with automated watering equipment you can schedule your plants to be watered at the right times during day. This is especially useful when going on holiday! Automated sprinklers also reduce water wastage, you no longer have to worry about accidentally leaving the water on and returning to a large bill.

As the smart industry grows there are so many new products popping up which can be easily networked into your existing smart devices. Instead of having the constant nagging feeling that all the money you spent on brand new plants will go to waste in the summer, you can proudly show off your flourishing garden to your envious neighbours.

Creating the perfect mood

In the cooler months, there is nothing better than sitting outdoors with a cold glass of your favourite beverage, enjoying the perfect ambiance. Up until now we have been limited to tiki torches, fairy lights and porch lamps, however, things are finally beginning to change.

Just as you can create bespoke lighting designs for the interior of your house, it is now possible to do the same for the outside. There are a number of companies who make lights that can be placed around the garden exactly where needed. Depending on the mood you are looking for you can create the exact lighting design required. Choose cool colours and tones for a romantic evening, or maybe something a little brighter for a party. They also have the added benefit of security, creating the appearance that someone is at home, when you are off on your holidays. 

Looking after your security

Your family’s safety is of course of paramount importance and the easiest way to achieve peace of mind is with a security system. When you install the du smart home package you can choose from a number of security camera options and motion detectors.

Place external cameras in optimum locations to enable you to keep an eye on everything going on outside your house. These live feeds are connected to your mobile devices, you can view them at any time and they will also alert you if anything unusual happens.

Smart technology enables you to think outside the box when it comes to your home. Why stop at simply making the inside perfect, your garden deserves exactly the same treatment. With easy networked technology, you can create a living space that you are proud of and can enjoy all year around.

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