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Network your house and reconnect your family

When we think about smart homes we may have images of technology taking over our lives, potentially disconnecting us from the real world. However, du’s vision of the smart home is one that in fact brings your family together. By networking your house you can create an atmosphere where everyone’s needs are taken care of, from the temperature, cleaning systems, lighting, and security systems to the entertainment.

With the du smart home you can customize your house to make everyone’s lives a little easier.

Entertainment for everyone

Your house can become an extension of your family, bringing everyone together. Through networking and smart technology it is possible now to be more connected, whether through a shared love of music or smart televisions. Voice activated hubs can be used to carry out mundane chores, such as ordering groceries, setting up reminders and alarms. Taking the stress out of everyday family life, your home can become an intelligent hub, where everything runs smoothly and you and your family can simply enjoy living in your home.

Turn your living room into a one of a kind home theatre, set the heating, get your voice activated hub to order popcorn, adjust the lighting and tell your smart TV exactly what you want to watch. Your smart home can now store moments, calling up photos at the press of a button, playing the perfect song for the moment and even reminding you about important events. Never again will a birthday be forgotten or Valentine’s Day flowers not be ordered. The smart home works in harmony with your family to make every moment special.

Watching over your family

When you are sure your family is safe this takes a huge burden off your shoulders, leaving you more time to enjoy just being together. With smart technology comes peace of mind.

With home surveillance systems you can keep an eye on the outside of your house and with internal cameras keep a watch over young children or vulnerable older family members. Stream live footage straight from the cameras to your smart phone, so you can be connected wherever you are in the world. Making you feel closer to your family and letting you know they are safe.

For an added level of security and peace of mind, install state of the art smoke detectors and flood warning systems, which allow you to relax in the knowledge that you will be instantly alerted to any issues.

A family hub

Smart homes are all about customization, creating the perfect atmosphere for you to live in. With smart technology you can create your own bespoke family hub, tailor-made to your unique requirements.

If children wake up early in the morning, parents can happily let them play downstairs, adjust the heating, lighting and even keep an eye on them through internal cameras. If you have work in the morning set under floor heating to turn on only in the kitchen, making sure you have toasty feet but everyone else is left undisturbed.

Smart homes allow your family to create and control optimum settings to suit their specific needs, rather than everyone compromising everyone can just right.

Smart homes are the homes of the future because they will bring families together.


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