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Smart offices are here and you need one. Now.

How to bring your office into the future

Switch on your space using IoT solutions and watch how day-to-day office activities are transformed. More than 90% of decision-makers agree that turning your average, mundane office into a smarter, integrated one is a worthwhile exercise.

Offices are innately spaces of function. Nothing superfluous exists in an office. It is all about what you need. But now, for the first time in decades, not since the introduction of the computer, has an office seen such sweeping changes.

Technology has enabled us to converge the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced facilities management systems, so that the office and employee experience can be potentially managed from an app on your phone, leading to increased productivity, wellness and talent retention. Not to mention safety and comfort.


By integrating all your electronics, your smart phone or tablet can potentially become an extension of your office. Link all your printers and computers to the cloud through wireless printing apps, which can be operated through tablets and smart phones. To make day-to-day activities seamless, virtual desktops adapt to individual users and their preferences, while mobile and cloud solutions let employees work on the go from any location. Accurate document management and enterprise content management allow data collection and effective analysis so that efficient and pertinent business insights are collected continuously and stored safely.


Absenteeism due to illness is one of the leading causes of lost productivity in the office. Smart sensors can increase wellness in your smart office by being able to adjust air temperature and water quality as well as monitor and adjust lighting; creating a better ambient environment for your workers and an enhanced overall employee experience. Smart comfort systems are masters at creating the optimum environment for you and your workers, and some devices can even offer the tracking of vibrations or set off alarms if floods occur.

Thermostat trackers are great and you can access their controls through the Internet, which makes life much easier. This means that you can wake up in the morning, set the thermostat from your phone while still in bed, and the air-condition will be perfectly set for when you arrive at the office. Additionally, thermostats with artificial intelligence, continue to monitor and collect data, to accurately track what you like and don’t.

Plants no longer become a hassle, as self-watering planters can monitor water usage as well as ensure that over or under watering is a thing of the past. This once again feeds into the whole wellness aspect as fresh plants help to oxygenate the office air and keep air quality high.

Cost Control

Of course, the major benefit of all these technologies is they can potentially save you money over the long term. Air conditioning will run more efficiently, as the AI learns about your specific requirements with your data. Smart meters and sensors are intrinsic to this and can help awareness of energy consumption as well as monitor to ensure the workspace is energy-efficient.


Talent Retention

Believe it or not, smart offices are more effective at retaining those top employees you have invested in. By 2020, Millennials are going to make up the majority of the workforce population, and a smart office is an attractive office. Statistically, Millennials are focused on added value in workspaces and are not attracted to the old perks such as salary. They want an environment that allows for better connections between locations, co-workers and customers. Adding immensely to the reason that a smart office is indeed fundamentally smart. And, everyone knows it.

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