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The importance of office monitoring

The new du smart office technology provides gadgets to solve pretty much every business-related issue. They can help save you money, keep employees happy and create a more environmental office space. However, there is one aspect that can sometimes be a little controversial, office surveillance. du offers a number of monitoring packages, ranging from the stand-alone to the full range of interior and exterior cameras.

If you are working in a shop then of course it is important to have 24/7 CCTV, to ensure both staff, customers and money are kept safe and secure. However, what if you are in a normal office, for example a shipping company or advertising agency; is it really necessary to keep everyone monitored? 


Lack of trust
If you inform employees that they are being filmed this can suggest that you do not trust them. This can have negative side effects relating to their productivity and willingness to remain loyal to your company. If you are planning on installing cameras it may be worth sitting down and discussing this with employees initially so they can ask questions and be assured that this is as much for their protection as for the company’s. 

Lack of creativity
Dance like no one’s watching,” simply put when you are alone you are at your most creative and relaxed. There is an argument that if someone is always observing you, you will in fact become more aware of yourself and less likely to think out of the box. However, this could be a temporary side effect until employees adjust to a new system.


The number one reason for having security cameras is to prevent theft, either from employees or from someone breaking into your premises. Either way no matter the situation you will quickly be able to identify the thief and act accordingly. This will save your business time and money, and in the event that an employee is stealing from you, swiftly remove them from your organisation.

 Following company policies
As much as it is sad to admit some employees simply do not care about your business as much as you do. By having a degree of surveillance, you will be able to observe which employees are constantly popping outside for an elongated coffee break and which aren’t really following company protocols. This is particularly important in cases of harassment. You will quickly be able to verify claims and then take action.

There is an argument that if you know you are being observed you are more likely to work hard. Sometimes a little bit of accountability can go a long way. Even the idea that you are being watched can make you get your head down and get the work finished. Although some may consider installing a security camera an extreme measure you don’t have to install a full battalion, simply add a few in obvious corners just so that employees are aware.

If you are planning to install security cameras in your office it is important to remember that you are not using them to spy on everyone else. They are simply there as a tool to firstly ensure that everything and everyone is safe in the office, and act as an additional pair of eyes for you to watch over your growing company.


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