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Top 5 famous Smart Offices

Most people wouldn’t list their office as their favourite place in the world to hang out. They tend to be a little boring, lights too bright and air-conditioning too cold. However, what if your office was lifted right out of a movie, if you are a super hero, arch villain or police officer from the future you are bound to have a super cool Smart Office!

We have compiled a list the top 5 famous Smart Offices that we are hoping could one day become a reality.

1. Iron Man

Tony Stark is the CEO we all secretly want to become. Smart, rich, successful with an AI assistant. His office is a complete smart aficionado’s’ dream, with sliding doors, automatic lights, voice-activated tech and hologram renderings of his inventions. Clearly Stark industries should drop the fighting and get into the office design business.


Futurama may be set 1,000 years in the future but the technology they use is still pretty recognisable. The headquarters of their delivery company is stocked with their self-aware robots ready to cater to every whim and wearable tech. It is a program that shows how easily smart technology can be integrated into our lives. Rather than going down the sci-fi route of, all tech is scary, the characters truly embrace it and make us long for the day of travelling by hyper tube.


3. Minority Report

A slightly more dystopian vision of the future, Minority Report takes place in the police headquarters in Washington DC in the year 2054. Their office is super slick with programmed lighting, smooth white surfaces and fully interactive systems. Although the gloves to manipulate the screens may seem a little outdated by our standards, the potential of their technology is endless and it seems like an interesting place to work.


4.Star Trek

The enterprise on Star Trek may not technically be a smart office, however, it cannot go without a mention. It is the precursor to a lot of tech in offices we have today. Intercom systems are present throughout the ship, allowing for ease of communication, the obligatory sliding doors and dimming light for specific moods make it one of the slickest places to work in the universe. All this is to not only improve the lives of the employees but also to ensure there was harmony between the galaxies. So here is hoping we take some inspiration and all ‘live long and prosper.’



WALL-E is an example of a 100% automated working environment, to the point where human employees are no longer even necessary. Everything is controlled and organised by the AI technology belonging to the company, with touch screens, automated lighting and pinpoint precision thermostats. The whole organisation runs seamlessly to ensure the happiness and comfort of their customers. WALL-E demonstrates just how easy our lives can be when we embrace technology. Plus it would be fantastic to have mini-robots who roll out every time we tip over a glass of orange juice.

Smart technology can be applicable in every walk of life, and the offices of the future can be a great inspiration for your own workspace. It is also interesting to note that many of the offices on our list are also far closer to becoming a reality than we realise, creating more automated and connected workspaces work to the advantage of everyone. Creating an environment for employees that is state-of-the-art is not only inspiring but also conducive to productivity. So if you are thinking about an update to your company why not switch over to the sci-fi channel and take a little inspiration.

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