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Waking the baby accidentally will never be your fault again

A Smart Home can make your life easier.

Certain things are inevitable. As humans it is an universally acknowledged truth, we all make mistakes. Such as, when you go out for the day and forget to turn off the air-conditioning. Or worse, when you are sitting in your private cabana swimming pool in the Maldives, soaking up some sun, and with a jolt, you realise you forgot to lock the front door, or activate the light timer so it looks like you’re at home. Everyone is in a grump and it is not the ideal start to a much-needed vacation.

Enter the Smart Home

Technological advancements are quickly allowing us to make living easier than ever before. Using the Internet of Things, you can make your home smarter and change your life. Managing everything through your phone or tablet app will give you the freedom to move about without concern. Forgetting to do something won’t worry you.

All life’s little struggles are no longer a worry with a Smart Home. You could just grab your phone, log on to the app required and quickly lock the front door. Or, set the timer. But better than this, if you had a Smart Home, your door would have been locked automatically when you left home.


Simple. GPS technology. Using specific apps and your phone’s location, your door will recognise you approaching or leaving the house and unlock or lock as required. You’ll never have to worry ever again about the security of your home. Plus, if baby is sleeping, you can mute the doorbell while expecting a delivery, preventing waking up your baby accidentally.

Smart security and home management

The best thing is you can watch your security cameras through your tablet. Smart Home security systems are perfect for viewing intruders or directly warning them through one-way video streaming. If you have a motion sensor set up on your security system, you’ll be notified through your phone while detecting motion. If upon viewing you see an intruder, you can then activate a siren to trigger a warning.

Smart doorbells are a great way of protecting your security while promoting convenience. Once connected, when someone pushes the bell, you will get a push notification to your phone or tablet. No matter where you are, you will be able to answer. One-way video streaming then allows you to communicate with the person at your door, making sure you never miss an important. This is convenient, saves time and allows you the flexibility you need in everyday life.

Automated lighting and temperature

Wake up gradually and naturally by setting your lighting to coincide with your alarm. By coordinating your lighting to gradually brighten prior to waking, you wake up in a better mood and health benefits too.

Another way of making your immediate environment tailored to your needs is through controlling the ambient temperature. Coordinating your thermostat to your particular events – such as when you leave a room or are due to arrive home – helps to not only save energy but also eliminates discomfort and frustration.

Flood prevention

Installing a moisture sensor gives an added layer of protection to your home. This is handy for rooms that contain geysers or leaky pipes. If any moisture is detected, you will receive a notification and you can also trigger a siren or flashing lights to signal additional warnings to neighbours or public service attendants.


Worry-free living is the ultimate goal and a Smart Home will help eliminate daily hassles resulting in a smoother way of life and management of everyday activities. With a Smart Home, all problems go away at the touch of a button.

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