Add on's

What this product is?
Aside from the packages we offer, you can also add several devices to complete your smart home requirement. Adding more devices to your system will also amplify Z-wave signals and improve your system capabilities.

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Includes: Price:

Home Center 2 2,899.00

Home Center Lite 1,349.00

Camera indoor or Outdoor 750.00

Network Video Recording (NVR) 1,500.00

Relay Switch 1X2.5KW 299.00

Relay Switch 2X1.5KW 299.00

RGBW Controller 299.00

Dimmer 2 299.00

Dimmer Bypass 2 59.00

Door/Window Sensor White 249.00

Door/Window Sensor Black 249.00

Door/Window Sensor Cappuccino 249.00

Door/Window Sensor Dark chocolate 249.00

Door/Window Sensor Pearl powder 249.00

Door/Window Sensor Silver 249.00

Door/Window Sensor Truffle surprise 249.00

Motion Sensor 289.00

Flood Sensor 299.00

Smoke Sensor 329.00

Smart Thermostat 969.00

Swipe 550.00

Button 289.00

Siren 320.00

Wall Plug 320.00

Key-Fob 320.00

Z-Wave Range Extender 350.00

Wallmote 320.00

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