Large All Inclusive Bundle

What this product is?
This bundle is for a medium villa or a large 3 bedroom apartment. It includes 1 home center 2 (the heart of your smart home system) + 6 light control relays + 3 door/window sensor + 2 camera + 1 motion sensor + 1 dimmer

Use Cases:
With this package, from the app installed on your phone or tablet, you can:

  • Control the lights at home
  • Program scenes to be activated from the app or based on schedules
  • The lights can be controlled from within the home or from outside
  • Get notifications when the door or window is opened at your home and activate preprogrammed scenes
  • Get notifications when there is a movement at your home and activate preprogrammed scenes.
  • View your camera and monitor what is happening at home

Price Includes:
Cabling & Installation
Programming, testing and handover
1 year warranty

AED 8,449

Excluding 5% VAT

Includes: Quantity:

Camera 2

Home Center 2 1

Light Control (For Lighting Circuits) 6

Door/Windows Sensor 3

Motion Sensor 1

Dimmer 2 1

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