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Nest Thermostat

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What is this product?

The Nest Learning Thermostat helps you be energy efficient. It learns what temperature you like and builds a schedule around yours.

How does it work? 

The Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adapts as your life and the seasons change. Just use it for a week and it programs itself. It automatically turns itself down when you’re away to avoid cooling an empty home. It connects to Wi-Fi with the ability to change the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Technical Specifications:

Generation: 3rdGeneration
Color: Stainless Steel
Screen: 24-bit color LCD
480 x 480 resolution at 229 pixels per inch (PPI)
5.3 cm diameter
Compatibility: The Nest Learning Thermostat should be installed by a professional. The Nest Thermostat works with most of 24V heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, solar and geothermal.

  • Heating: 1,2, and 3 stages (W1, W2, W3)
  • Cooling: 1 and 2 stages (Y1, Y2)
  • Heat pump: with auxiliary and emergency heat (O/B, AUX, E)
  • Humidifier or dehumidifier (HUM, DEHUM)
  • Fan (G)
  • Power (C, RH, RC)

Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Near-field activity, Far-field activity, Ambient light
Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz, 5GHz, 802.15.4 @ 2.4GHz, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Size and Weight:
Mass: 205.4 g
Diameter: 8.4 cm
Height: 2.69 cm
Mass: 38.3 g
Diameter: 7.6 cm
Height: 1.1 cm
Mass: 243.7 g
Diameter: 8.4 cm
Height: 3.08 cm
Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Power consumption: Less than 1 kWh/month
Remote Control requirements: Wi-Fi connection with internet access
Nest app on phone or tablet with Android or iOS.
Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer on Mac OS X v10.9 or later and Windows 7 or later

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The price includes:
1 year warranty

Why choose us?
When you buy Smart devices from us, you also get peace of mind through:

  • UAE aftersales support
  • Professional installation (as required)
  • Product warranty and return through any of our Smart Home stores
  • Guaranteed product compatibility with UAE standards

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