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Littlebits – Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

AED 659

Excluding 5% VAT

Includes: Quantity:

Power p7 1

Light sensor 1

Accelerometer 1

Button 1

Wire bit 2

Bluetooth low energy 1

Round led matrix 1

Sound effects 1

Sticker sheet 2

Gauntlet base 1

Gauntlet cover 1

Arm stand 1

Arm stand base 1

Hand mount 1

9v Battery 1

Round LED matrix cover 1

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What is this product?

Kids can become their own superheroes by building and customising their high-tech hero gear and unique identity with LittleBits electronic blocks. Kids start superhero training in the app, control their gear with their Smart device, give gear new abilities with easy block coding and use their creativity and STEAM skills to customise their own hero identity and gear to match. With inventions like night vision to see in the dark, speed tracker to test their speed training, and a special hero icon design to code their own hero icon on the LED Matrix bit, kids can truly unleash the power of their imagination.

How does it work? 

  • Build high-tech wearables
  • Design superhero gear
  • Enjoy an easy introduction to programming through block-based coding

Technical specifications:

  • Grades: 3+
  • Ages: 8+
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The price includes:
1 year warranty

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When you buy Smart devices from us, you also get peace of mind through:

  • UAE aftersales support
  • Professional installation (as required)
  • Product warranty and return through any of our Smart Home stores
  • Guaranteed product compatibility with UAE standards

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