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Osmo Hot Wheels Mind Racers

AED 369

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Includes: Quantity:

Mind Racers Launch Pad 1

سيارات Hot Wheels 6

Game tokens 32

Stackable storage 1

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What is this product?

Race with Hot Wheels cars that come to life. Send real Hot Wheels cars zooming straight through the screen onto wacky digital racetracks. Quick thinking and strategy will help you win the race.

How does it work? 

Rev up your Hot Wheels cars’ engines at the starting line and, at the signal, hit the accelerator. The high-speed competition begins on your screen as your cars speed through amazing digital worlds. Throw down game tokens to control your car’s actions and beat the competition. First across the finish line is the undisputed champion of the universe — until the next race, of course.

Technical specifications:

iPad tablet and the Osmo iPad Gaming Genius Kit are required to play

Compatible with iPad 2 – 6, iPad Mini 1 – 4, iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Recommended age: 7+

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The price includes:
1 year warranty

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