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Fibaro CO Sensor – Homekit

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Fibaro CO Sensor – Homekit 1

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What is this product?

FIBARO CO Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled carbon monoxide sensor with exceptional measurement precision. It is able to detect even slightly increased amounts of carbon monoxide, which are enough to affect your wellbeing over time. With higher concentrations, the FIBARO CO Sensor will immediately inform you about a threat. The sensor will even work without being connected to the system, so it can continuously monitor the home.

How does it work? 

Main features of FIBARO CO Sensor:

compatible with Apple HomeKit technology
Bluetooth® low energy technology for wireless communication

Sound Alarm and Light indicator

Technical Specifications:
Power supply: 3.0V DC battery
Battery type: CR123A
Radio protocol: Bluetooth® low energy
Operating temperature: 0-50°C (32-104°F)
Dimensions (diameter x height): 65 x 28 mm (2.56 x 1.1 inches)

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The price includes:
1 year warranty

Why choose us?
When you buy Smart devices from us, you also get peace of mind through:

  • UAE aftersales support
  • Professional installation (as required)
  • Product warranty and return through any of our Smart Home stores
  • Guaranteed product compatibility with UAE standards

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