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Fibaro Flood Sensor – Homekit

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Fibaro Floor Sensor 1

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What is this product?
FIBARO Flood Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled water sensor using Bluetooth® low energy technology. Along with detecting flooding, the accessory measures the ambient temperature. Tampering is detected whenever the accessory is moved or casing is opened. Built-in LED indicator and an acoustic alarm signal flooding and tampering. The LED can be also used to identify the accessory. The accessory is designed to be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall (in this case sensor should be extended using an external probe).

The accessory is sink-proof, which means it drifts on the water surface and keeps on sending an alarm signal in case of substantial inundation of water.

How does it work? 

Detects flooding
Detects tampering using the accelerometer or when the casing is opened
Easy installation – simply put on a surface prone to flooding
May be installed anywhere – sensor can be extended using an external probe (not included)

Technical Specifications:
Power supply: Battery type: 3.0V DC battery CR123A
Radio protocol: Bluetooth® low energy
Range: up to 50m (free range)
Recommended installation height: 164 feet
Temperature measuring range: 2.4 meters (7.87 feet)
Temperature measuring accuracy: 0-40°C (32-104°F)
Dimensions (L x w x H): 72 x 28 mm (2.8 x 1.1 inch)

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The price includes:
1 year warranty

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