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Fibaro Motion Sensor – Homekit

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Fibaro Motion Sensor 1

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What is this product?

FIBARO Motion Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled multi-sensor using Bluetooth® low energy technology. Along with detecting motion, the accessory measures the ambient temperature and light intensity. The sensor has a built-in accelerometer to detect any tampering with the accessory. Fibaro Motion Sensor is battery powered and designed to be installed quickly and easily on any surface.

The eye-shaped LED indicator signals motion, temperature level, tampering and can be used to identify the accessory.


How does it work? 

detects motion using a passive IR sensor

measures ambient temperature

measures light intensity

detects tampering using accelerometer

easy installation

may be installed anywhere – wall or any surface

battery powered

indicates state using multicolor LED diode

Technical Specifications:

Power supply: Battery type: 3.0V DC battery CR123A

Radio protocol: Bluetooth® low energy

Range: up to 50m (free range)

Recommended installation height: 164 feet

Temperature measuring range: 2.4 meters (7.87 feet)

Temperature measuring accuracy: 0-40°C (32-104°F)

Light intensity measuring range: ±0.5°C (±0.9°F) 0-32000 lux

Dimensions (diameter): 46 mm (1.8 inch)

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The price includes:
1 year warranty

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