Our packages

We offer 2 Smart Office packages: a bespoke, Made-to-order, Custom Solution and a ready-to-go Bundle Solution, you can use straight away.

Our Bundle Solution gives you the ability to experience Smart Office straight out of the box. While the customisable option has more flexibility, we offer various options from basic, medium, and large packages to cater for your networking and monitoring requirements for your business.

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Combo small
AED 5,199

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Combo medium
AED 9,999

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Combo large
AED 16,799

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Add On’s

Add on's

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Bundles comparison

We appreciate that different Bundle customers will have different needs. So we’ve created a comparison chart so you can see at a glance which package is most suitable for you. You can also purchase additional items on top of the packages we recommend – get in touch with us or visit our showroom for more details.

Devices Combo Small
AED 4,899
Combo Medium
AED 8,499
Combo Large
AED 13,499
8 Port PoE Switch
16 Port PoE Switch
Access Point
Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
Network Video Manager

Please Note:
Additional items can be purchased on top of these recommended packages.
Contact one of our staff for details.

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