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Everything you need to know about smart homes

Imagine a world where, whenever you walk into your home, the ambient environment is absolutely perfect, not too hot and not too cold, the lighting matches your mood and the fridge is always fully stocked. No more frantic after-work supermarket dashes or fretting about the thermostat. Sounds like the home of the future, right? But with today’s smart home technology the future has already become a reality.

Home automation means that your home is fully networked and connected; at the touch of a button you can control lighting, temperature, entertainment and even monitor the house to ensure the safety of your family.

How home automation works

Home automation is the ability to schedule home systems in order to streamline your life. You can program lights to turn on at specific times, the temperature to adjust throughout the day, and you can even program curtains to open and shut in order to regulate temperature or ensure privacy.

As this technology develops, the sky really is the limit, and once you are fully networked as new products enter into the market, you can simply connect and start using.

How it can benefit your family?

Your family can reap the rewards from home automation. Creating a smart home brings families together, as well as giving you peace of mind about security.

Home monitoring may sound a little intense but it simply means you can keep an eye on what is going on. With a video doorbell, you can see who is outside before answering, intelligent locks means that only specific people can enter your house, and if you have children or vulnerable older family members, it is possible to set up systems to watch over them. All this is fully customizable and can be adjusted to suit everyone’s needs. So right there, you have a persuasive reason to invest

How you can save time and money?

Believe it or not, a major plus of a smart home is that it will save you money in the long term. Although there are initial start up costs and connection fees, overall, you can make your house run more economically.

The temperature can be easily regulated and adjusted to your specific requirements, it can be set to turn off and on at the exact times required. This means you have complete control over your house. No more accidentally leaving on the air-conditioning, or returning to a roasting house that needs hours to fully cool down. By having this control you will stop wasting money and also have a perfectly heated or cooled home.

Automatic curtains may sound like an unnecessary luxury, however, there are real benefits. If the sun is shining directly on your home during the day, program the curtains to shut at these times, the house will be cooler and you will therefore save money and not waste energy. And of course, there is also the added advantage of opening and closing the curtains from the comfort of the bed or the sofa.

When it comes to lighting, the ability to program a personal lighting scheme is something you never realised you needed until you experienced it. You can set the mood, light level and have complete control over exactly how and when your lights turn on. Wake up in the morning with a slowly brightening glow, or if you are on holiday set lights on a specific timetable to deter would-be burglars. If you think you have forgotten to turn the lights off, you can check instantly, putting your mind at rest. The possibilities and applications are endless and quickly will become part of your everyday life.

So, while a smart home may initially sound like a luxury, it is well worth the investment. Your life with become easier to manage, small niggling worries about whether or not you left your lights on will become a thing of the past. Saving you time, money and reducing energy consumption, all at the touch of a few buttons.

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