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How smart tech improves entertainment

When you hear about smart tech it just sounds so practical; security systems, health observation and navigation. But there must be a fun and frivolous side… this is where we enter the world of smart tech and entertainment.

There are so many cool and unique applications that you can use to make your life much more entertaining!

But the best thing about smart tech and entertainment is that the scope is massive, from your own personal systems to a massive connected entertainment event. So here are the ways you can use and benefit from smart tech in your fun-filled life.

Small scale


Smart tech is great for your own personal entertainment system. Within your own house you can set up a smart TV to record specific shows, stream from your favourite websites and wirelessly connect to a speaker for awesome surround sound.


Your speaker can also connect to your phone to give your playlist that extra boost, and you can control it through your smart hub. If you are cooking and in need of some tunes then just request your chef inspiration tracks from Alexa.


Ok, so at first glance lighting may not sound entertaining, but that is because you have been limited until now with varying shades of white. Bright and soft, what a selection! Enter smart lights, bringing your illuminations into the 21st century! If you are watching the latest rom com on your smart TV you may want a soft pink hue, for an action film go for a moodier blue, the options are endless, and will enhance your viewing experience.

Medium scale

Party time!

It’s spring time and the weather is finally perfect for an early evening BBQ, should you hire an expensive party planner to set the perfect mood? No! Simply put your home into celebration mode.

You can have a pre-selected lighting plan, which can even change as the evening goes on, with cool tones to match the playlist and then something a bit jazzier for the evening. You can control everything from your mobile phone! If people start moving into the house your central temperature hub can even detect if it gets too warm and turn on the air-conditioning.

With very little effort you can turn your house into the ultimate party spot.

Four of our favourite smart entertainment products


This LG smart TV is beautifully designed and set up to be as simple and smart as possible. When you pull it out of the box and plug it in, everything you could possibly need is already pre-set. There is voice control, amazing visual quality and you can connect to it via Bluetooth. A great way to watch your favourite movies.

Philips Hue Light Bulbs

You choose the lighting to choose your mood and the situation. Program in the tone, brightness and design of your lighting from your phone. If you want to set the mood for a date, go for a soft pink; or if you’re having friends around for a bit of a party, why not go wild and select an array of different colours.

Amazon Echo

No longer will you have to unlock your phone, swipe through the apps and scroll to find the perfect song. With Amazon Echo, you simply have to ask Alexa for the tune or playlist and she will play it. This is completely hands-free and interactive; a smart hub will connect your house and place your entertainment system firmly in the future.

Sonos Playbar

This speaker not only has amazing sound quality, it is also simple and beautifully designed. It can subtly sit on a counter top and provide your guests (or just you) with a superb auditory experience. Just download the free app and control the bar through your phone.

When it comes to the world of entertainment, smart technology has only just begun. Your home is now automated to ensure that no matter the time of day, you can listen or watch you want. And who knows what to expect in the next few years!

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