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Live well with smart gadgets for your health

Whether you’re a dedicated fitness freak or a parent who wants support in looking after their family, there are plenty of great smart technology health gadgets on the market which can help you reach your health goals. Some, of course, you will be familiar with and others not so much. Some you can wear, others are home fixtures, or items you may like to keep around the house. All of them are fascinating, like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Smart toilet

Why would you want one of these? While on the pricey side of things, these toilets may actually be good value for money. If your family forgets to flush, the sensor will activate and flush for you. Besides this hygienic feature, most smart toilets come with overflow protection and if a blockage is sensed, the water levels are kept intentionally low. If you are environmentally-conscious, these smart toilets can also save on water and power.

Often, they are self-cleaning, and have quirky features that might appeal to you such as heated seating, a nightlight and self-deodorizer. It is even possible to have ones that have Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, so you can entertain yourself with some cool tunes.

And, if you are not wowed yet, on the health front, the more high-end options can analyse your emissions and if there is something amiss, it will let you know, so you can see the doctor. Great for people with diabetes, or those who actively want to keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Smart BP Cuff

Heart disease is a major healthcare concern in the United Arab Emirates and the greater MENA region. Daily monitoring of your health is a great way to stay on track and to make sure your blood pressure is as it should be. If you are on medications, the daily data tracking can be beneficial. This data collection can be shown to your doctor, who can then get a better picture of your day-to-day health and manage your hypertension accordingly.

There are many devices out there, some are disguised within a smartwatch, or as a finger or wrist monitor, but a cuff still gives the most accurate reading. Most of the smart blood pressure cuffs have their own app. By doing your measurements every day, your app can track your data and measure it against health and safety benchmarks. Another thing about them that add to their appeal is that they are wireless, portable and very easy to use. Plus, all data just gets transferred to your app, so you’ll have it on your smartphone for your next doctor’s appointment.

Smart contact lenses

Yes, you read this correctly. One of the most serious complications of uncontrolled diabetes is blindness which occurs through glaucoma. With smart contact lenses, your blood glucose levels can be potentially monitored through your tears.

While not available just yet, this one is imminent. Most of the big tech companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung are in the process of developing these new smart wearables, and patents have been snapped up. But trials and approvals still have to be made.

Smart kitchen tools

While more about health than cooking, there are now smart devices to help check if the food in your fridge is potentially edible and safe. Great if you tend to ignore ‘best before’ dates, these devices can ‘sniff’ the freshness of your poultry, raw meat and fish, and recommend if you can use ‘em or chuck ‘em. Bacteria can cause serious illness and the scary thing is that you can’t always tell your meat is spoiled just by looking or smelling. Over 200 diseases can be communicated through food-borne disease, and we think that’s more than enough reason to invest in one of these. The device connects wirelessly to your phone through an app and measures the gas levels. Pretty nifty.

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